At National, we are not just another drilling contractor; we are a team of subject-matter experts who strive to be your business partner of choice; a group of experts who take pride in the relationships we forge, experts who settle for nothing less than a job well done, and experts at the work that we perform.

To be your partner of choice, we maintain the following core principles:

It takes shared values.  Values such as the safety and health of all employees.  Values like environmental stewardship.  Values like long-term partnering relationships. Values like drilling and finishing the hole to meet client expectations. At National, we invest in our employees, providing them the necessary training and support to ensure they grow to be best in class.  Training topics range from safety awareness and risk assessment to technical/mechanical job-specific task training.  We partner with our clients to ensure their training programs are shared across our teams.  We are knowledgeable of environmental rules and regulations specific to the areas in which we are working, conducting our business in an environmentally responsible manner. We are compliant with third party supplier and qualification management vendors.

It takes common goals.  Goals like ensuring the client’s programs are executed on time, with holes completed to target depths, and with sample quality being of the utmost importance.  Drilling is tough business.  We work hand in hand with our clients and other industry experts, troubleshooting problems and improving efficiency to ensure we deliver the final product to our client’s specifications at minimal cost, because we understand that there is strength when we work together.

And it takes trust.  Trust that is earned through transparent, open, and frequent communication.  Trust that is earned by fostering long-term partnerships.

Shared values, common goals and trust are the foundational pillars that set National apart from our competitors, as a business partner and an employer.