National is dedicated to operating safely from the ground up - reflecting the responsibility we have toward each other and our clients. Safety is built into our company values and the foundation of our culture.

Our “Safety. Own It.” expression is not just a program; it's an overall attitude reflecting the simple truth that a true safety culture requires that every person in a company takes personal responsibility for safety.


Our field people are supported by full-time safety professionals who perform employee training, conduct site/equipment audits and in-the-field training. The Safety Managers are in the field every day. Along with safety audits are procedural systems to reinforce working safely at all times include start of shift tailgate safety meetings, pre-shift inspections of the equipment/site, and a process to evaluate and recognize risks before performing the task.

We have created a safety culture within National that has zero accidents as the primary objective. This culture, driven by safety innovation and industry leading safety investments such as automated rod loaders, hands-free make-up and break-out systems along with custom designed rod handling tools, makes your project on the fore-front of world-class safety. Since our establishment in 2010, we have grown significantly in our understanding of what it takes to operate safely. We have proven our safety merit by exceeding the most demanding and stringent safety protocols and standards our industry requires. Safety permeates throughout the company, from the president attending weekly safety briefings with the managers to the daily participation of all managers, supervisors and field crews on the jobs sites. We don't just do safety, we live it.